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-September 17, 2022

Kevin Andreas Single "Flower Child" reaches 100K streams on Spotify


-September 16, 2022

Gold Record Producer Kevin Andreas releases follow up single "Strawberry Wine" and is featured in Wonderland Magazine



-September 10, 2022

Stereo RV's "Style" featured on Episode 4 - Emily on Disney+ Series - Growing Up

-September 2, 2021

Artist Jasso releases "Suit Up" single


-August 5, 2022

Artist Jasso releases "Burn" single

-July 29, 2022

Gold Record Producer Kevin Andreas releases "Flower Child" single

-November 25, 2021

Stereo RV's "Style" featured on Episode 4 - Kappa on HBOmax Series - Sex Lives Of College Girls


-February 14, 2021

The Ground Units "Break" features on Showtimes - Shameless

-January 16, 2021

Stereo RV's "The One" featured on promo for CBS's - The Good Doctor

-October 4, 2020

Jasso and producer Stan Chan were featured on streaming podcast Sound Scrub for the song "Suit Up"

-July 24, 2020

Lisa Danae releases her cinematic pop anthem single "Starlet"

-July 17, 2020

Kevin Andreas single "Wild Blood" releases

-June 30, 2020

Artist Cay J's single "Understand" drops

- May 29, 2020

Jasso's "We're Going Out" was featured on Heropie comics.

- May 12, 2020

Stereo RV's song "Style" featured on CW's - DC's Legends Of Tomorrow on Episode 12/Season 5 

- December 4, 2019

Stereo RV and producer Stan Chan were featured on a Spotify podcast called Sound Scrub for the song "Style"

- February 6, 2019

Stereo RV's "Free" was featured on CW's - All American TV show Episode 12/Season 1

- May 21, 2018

Felicity's single "Pilot With A Fear Of Heights" features in Google ad for prom

- May 17, 2018

Billboard features artist Felicity and her single "Pilot With A fear Of Heights"

- July 21, 2017

Secret Weapons hits the Billboard Charts with their single "Comeback Season"

-July 14, 2017

 Sony/Epic recording artist Secret Weapons releases their debut album "As The Setting Sun Comes Crashing Down On Me"

- April 7, 2013

Justin and Alina received the Jersey Acoustic Music award - Song Of The Year for "My Sweet Anonymous"

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